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Ozark Riviera

Northwest Arkansas

Ozark Riviera Website

Welcome to the Ozark Riviera

In the lush landscape of modern music, there’s a band that stands out like a beacon of light on a starry night – Ozark Riviera. Hailing from the heart of Northwest Arkansas, they bring a new flavor to the Neo-Americana Indie Rock scene, a concoction of soulful Soft Rock stirred with introspective lyrics, reminiscent of summer’s nostalgic embrace and the warmth of sun-drenched melodies. Witnessing them live is an electrifying experience, where the synergy of Ethan McKinney’s heartfelt vocals and the band’s layered rhythms are complemented by masterful guitar solos that command the room with their precision and passion. They don’t just perform; they connect, leaving fans and first-time listeners alike with a lingering sense of wonder and anticipation for what’s next.  

Their unique blend of indie, Americana, and Yacht Rock, infused with their self-proclaimed alien charisma, captivates and connects, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and wonder. Ozark Riviera is more than a band; they are storytellers weaving a tapestry of memories and desires, making every live show an unforgettable event. As they continue to make waves in the music scene, both locally and beyond, one thing is certain: their journey is bound to be as enchanting and memorable as their music. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the magical experience that is Ozark Riviera.